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4/28/2014 — Our new AJPM paper on Healthy Mondays has been covered by Bloomberg business week, The Atlantic, and Refinery29

4/11/2014 — Bloomberg news quotes Dr. Dredze in an article on disease outbreaks in social media

4/5/2014 — The Times of London is covering our work on the economy and health by doing their own analysis for the UK

3/24/2014 — New results on flu tracking for cities covered by The Washington Post, The National Journal, The Daily Mail, and local CBS News (Video). The original press release is here 2/15/2014 — Our work on flu tracking was on Weekend Edition Saturday

2/6/2014 — The new Twitter data grants program is drawing attention to our work

1/10/2014Hard Times and Headaches, Health Concerns Increased During The Recession, Google Search Study Reveals

10/20/2013Tracking Flu with Twitter, National Academy of Engineering on WTOP radio

7/9/2013Ferreting Out Illicit Drug Data, Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine

5/22/2013Looking for Trouble: How electronic medical records can help find high-risk "missing" patients, Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine.

3/4/2013Twitter becomes a tool for tracking flu epidemics and other public health issues, Washington Post.

2/23/2013Checkup: Twitter tracking, Sound Medicine.

2/22/2013Midday with Dan Rodricks. (starts around 25:00.)

2/20/2013 — WYPR health minute [Day 1] and [Day 2].

2/13/2013When Google got flu wrong, Nature News.

1/30/2013Using Twitter to Track the Flu: Researchers Find a Better Way to Screen the Tweets (Press Release): CNN, MarketWatch TV and Michigan Radio.

3/12/2012Twitter Stories

9/1/2011Tweet went the Data, The Johns Hopkins Magazine.

8/10/2011 — Midday with Dan Rodricks [Audio].

8/10/2011 — WYPR health minute [Here] and [Here].

7/16/2011 — Twitter influenza tracking: